Introduction  Page

We understand and cherish your feelings about the moist soil, fragrance of every flower and the taste of the fruit from your garden. We are a group of gardening enthusiasts and gifting all our knowledge and skills to you to help you select, understand and pamper the plants of your choice.

Our Introduction

We are a team of gardening lovers, having experience in all kinds of plants and gardening tools. We think plants are more than just plants. These can be our friends when we are lonely. These can be our family members, dwelling in our place and nevertheless our babies, which are flourishing in our hands! So, we promise to help you cater to all the natural needs and equipment supplies of your indoor and outdoor plants.

How We Started

The information provided by the majority of gardening websites was either limited or too detailed to be understood by a layman. Thus, we decided to create a platform to help out all the gardening lovers out there. The knowledge we are sharing at this platform is achieved by years of passionate study, learning and practice. We wish to make gardening easy and interesting for people of all understanding levels, age and expertise. We don’t believe in sharing the reports and experiments drenched in professional and typical botanical terms, which are usually useless and burdensome for the readers. In fact, we target to provide the practically beneficial and fruitful knowledge to the millions of common people and plant lovers out there.

What We Share

If you are going to buy a new indoor plant or deciding to decorate your garden! If you want to know about your newly adopted plant or want to understand an old plant friend better! If you are looking to buy any gardening tool from fertilizer to tiller, and from sprinkler to weed killer! You are just at the right place! Here we use our heart and soul to help you get the answers to all kind of questions even before you know them. Moreover, we personally research about the usage and serviceability of gardening products and study them on different platforms. Then, we review them on the basis of our combined evaluation and feedback from the market of billions of real and common users just like you!!

So, before thinking twice, just keep reading us and enjoy the blessings of gardening!!
Keep Smiling! Keep gardening and Keep reading gardening brain! And hay!! Don’t forget to love your plant babies!! 